GraphicModa.com is the new creative marketplace for digital fashion print designs. For us it’s all about people… lovely, creative, talented people who have a passion for all things fashion. We want to help promote creative fashion print talent and find the recognition it deserves.

Born out of frustration from using faceless stock image sites, we wanted to create an environment where it would be possible to exhibit and sell your work and also to address the frustrations we had encountered as buyers of digital images. We wanted somewhere that felt inclusive where people weren’t just another ‘contributor’ adding profit to a business model… somewhere that would make you feel part of a community and for your work to have value reflecting the time and effort spent creating it.

Our aim is to offer a complete solution for the sale and creation of fashion graphic prints and patterns with simple license plans. Whether you are a Creative Designer looking for a new outlet to show and sell your work, or a Creative Buyer needing finished designs for you latest collection, GraphicModa.com wants to be there to assist you.

Our marketplace platform enables creative talent to sell their work directly to print buyers who will have everything at their fingertips – from repeat patterns and t-shirt placement prints, to help enhance a new clothing line or fabric range, to design elements, photographic images and textures to elaborate further on your own designs.

As creatives ourselves we understand the value of original design work and the financial reward it merits. Likewise, we also recognise buyers’ needs for easy access to fashion led prints and creative content with straightforward licensing options.


We just want to do things differently, our way, the right way, where the needs of people comes first. We want to build a community based on creativity and integrity and offer a service based on value and ease of use.

As a team with years of combined experience in the fashion print industry, web development and the wider business ‘rat race’ we want to create a new vision for the fashion print world. With fashion becoming ‘faster’ by the day and business profit being king, GraphicModa.com hopes to enable a faster transition between design and sales.

We can’t promise to always get things right but, with your help, we’ll do our best!


Right now! We’re looking for contributors from fashion print, textile print, surface print and t-shirt print designers to graphic designers, photographers and illustrators. Send us samples of your work and, if we think they’re right for us, your journey with GraphicModa.com can begin. So come and join us now!


Well we’re still figuring that one out! But from the great feedback we’ve been getting we think we’re on the right track. What we do know is that there’s a whole world of creative fashion print talent out there alongside a world of creative fashion print buyers, and bringing the two together has to be good for everyone right? If you have any thoughts on how we can do that better we’d love to hear from you.


Co-founder & 'Graphics' Guy

As a fashion graphic designer I have successfully worked for the past twenty years creating best-selling placement prints, all over fabric designs and branding for major high street stores and independent retailers both in the UK and Europe.

I believe that having the freedom to create allows true talent to shine. I have been fortunate to have that freedom through my career and hope GraphicModa.com allows just that for others - to be able to create your own content that you are passionate about.

My love of all things creative... fashion, design, music... it's what drives and inspires me.

Co-founder & Creative 'Developer' Guy

I have been working in all things internet and e-commerce related for more years than I care to remember. What continues to excite me most is developing creative solutions that re-think and solve a common problem for people. I'm also a strong believer in doing business the 'right' way and in a manner that is mutually beneficial for all concerned...

And that's what drives my passion for developing GraphicModa.com, to bring creative fashion print designers and buyers together, helping designers make a fair living from their talents and buyers create unique, awesome looking products. What's not to love?!