Deconstructed Camo S/S 20 Print Trend

For Spring/Summer 20 the traditional camouflage print is evolving and mutating, so here’s a round up of our take on this upcoming fashion print trend showcasing designs ready to license or buy exclusively at This new direction takes influences from abstract natural patterns, corrosive textures, surreal landscapes and comic book art, and moves the […]

‘Graphic Floral’ Print Trend

The timeless floral gets a modern refresh. From simple graphic shapes to detailed outlines and bold colours the ‘Graphic Floral’ story is timeless from season to season. Create a statement piece for your next print story and stand out with graphic floral prints that have impact. More From Designers [downloads tags=”94″ number=”8″ pagination=false] Browse […]

‘Animalia’ Fashion Print Trend

The animal print trend seems to be one that isn’t going away anytime soon… From colourful leopard prints to monchrome zebra stripes there’s always room for the animal to come out in your next collection! Straight up or mixed together – whatever your take on this years animal print trend there’s definitely something for everyone. […]

‘Tropical Heat’ Summer Print Trend

Season on season this vibrant and colourful trend returns ever evolving and developing. From bold graphic prints to playful florals and soft, subtle illustrations the tropical trend is a key staple for any summer fashion print collection. More From Designers [downloads tags=”213″ number=”8″ pagination=false] Browse All #tropical Designs