I need fashion prints… NOW!

I need to source digital fashion prints to add to my new fashion collection. Can On Demand images benefit my fashion brand? In a word, YES! The fashion print industry is becoming faster and more competitive by the day. Trying to stand out in an ever increasing world of new brands is becoming harder and […]

Creativity is closer than you think

How a walk by the cliffs in Brighton created a best selling print! As fashion print designers we are always being inspired, whether that be by the latest blog or print publication we’ve read or just an awesome new fabric print we’ve seen, but sometimes inspiration can be right in front of us when we […]

Time to take stock – creativity on tap?

As a self employed fashion graphic designer I’d started to notice a change in my workload over the past couple of years …. subtle at first but now becoming more prominent in my working day. There was a definite downturn and I couldn’t figure out why so I started to question myself… was I doing something […]