For Spring/Summer 20 the traditional camouflage print is evolving and mutating, so here’s a round up of our take on this upcoming fashion print trend showcasing designs ready to license or buy exclusively at

This new direction takes influences from abstract natural patterns, corrosive textures, surreal landscapes and comic book art, and moves the camouflage print towards less of a military feel and more into a vibrant or sophisticated look.

All-over patterns are inspired by abstract aerial landscapes, corrosive textures and cartoon graphicness giving a more urban, rather than obvious outdoors, twist to the trend.

deconstructed camo print trend board 1

[downloads ids=”4386,4461,4457,4445,4449,4516,4428,4410,4433,4394,337″]

For a more subtle look colours are tonal and muted while, at the opposite end of the scale, bold, vibrant colours breathe new energy into the traditional camouflage pattern. Key descriptions include weathered, corroded, dystopian, graphic and urban.

deconstructed camo print trend board 2

[downloads ids=”4437,4441,4402,4390,4398,2185,4406,2875,4453,4445″]

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