Creative Fashion Print Buyers is a new marketplace community that brings together talented digital fashion print designers and creative buyers, to supply commercial fashion retailers with high quality designs at fair trade prices. We would love to help you find the next creative direction for your brand or new collection.

We’re not a stock image site, we figure there are enough of those in the world already! We’re about original and exclusive fashion print designs for the commercial fashion retail market. Think high street garments, fabrics, etc. However, we understand that not all designers have commercial fashion retail experience so we actively curate all designs uploaded to ensure they are suitable, and categorised in the best possible way, for our Creative Buyers.

Right now we’re in the process of following our passion for discovering talented designers and will be continuously bringing new designers on board to give you access to their collections for instant purchase.

We empower designers to set their own fair pricing that reflects the amount of time, effort and talent that goes into each design, thereby providing you with higher quality, original and commercial-friendly designs. When put together with fully editable design files, exclusive and unlimited usage licensing, it’s like having your own instant access designer 24 hours a day!

  • Access a growing collection of curated designers.
  • Pricing to suit all budgets.
  • Original, exclusive and commercial-friendly designs.
  • Fully editable and exclusive design options.
  • Instant downloads.
  • Simple, royalty-free, unlimited usage licences.
  • No hidden fees.