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Putting value back into Creative Talent. is about helping talented creative fashion print designers Showcase, Promote & Sell their designs, for a fair price that reflects the amount of time, effort and talent that goes into each design. We’re not a stock image site, we figure there are enough of those in the world already! We’re about original and exclusive fashion print designs for the commercial fashion retail market. Think high street garments, fabrics, etc.

We’re currently looking for talented digital fashion print and pattern designers (including surface print designers, graphic designers, illustrators and photographers) to join us. We understand that not all designers have commercial fashion experience so we curate all designs uploaded to ensure they are print-ready, correctly categorised and suitable for our Creative Buyers. This in turn helps maximise the value of the designs offered for sale.

How it works.

Our aim is to build a long lasting partnership to help you grow your business, so we believe in simplicity, transparency and fairness.
Here’s an overview of how you can develop your business with our e-commerce platform.


Example Fashion Print Collection
  • Create your profile page with contact form.
  • Simple design collection upload process.
  • COMPLETELY FREE! (introductory offer)


Example Fashion Print Collection

  • Embed your collection on your website.
  • Easily share your designs on social.
  • Get featured in our Instashop.


Example Sell Fashion Print Design
  • Set your own pricing.
  • Offer exclusive & non-exclusive licences.
  • You keep 60% of the sale price (after tax).


We provide the legal licensing around your designs, so you don’t have to, and leave you to set your prices for each license type.
We offer 3 simple license types to keep everything nice and straightforward for both you and your customers.
Each design should offer an Exclusive license and you are free to also offer Standard and/or Enhanced licenses.

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To get started simply use the button below to submit a few details about yourself with some examples of your work.
Once approved you can create your own profile, upload your design collections, and start promoting and selling!