To help make buying and selling fashion print designs on as simple as possible we’ve put together our most frequently asked questions. If you still can’t find the answer to your burning question please contact us and we’ll do our best to assist you.

What is is an online creative marketplace for buying and selling digital fashion prints and creative content. We bring together Creative Designers and Creative Buyers to enable a quick and efficient way of supplying exclusive, high quality, fashion-led images and creative content.

All designs are for commercial use and have simple licensing enabling you to buy with peace of mind and without having to understand complicated licence agreements. is a marketplace so please bear in mind that the selling agreement is between you and the buyer. Should there be any issues with the design you have sold the buyer will contact you directly but we are here to help should any problems arise. does not provide refunds on digital images once they have been sold and downloaded. Refunds will only be issued if the buyer has received a faulty design.

Are all designs original and unique?

Yes! All designs for sale at must adhere to the following requirements:

  • The design is 100% original and does not infringe on ANY copyright.
  • The design is NOT for sale anywhere else in either digital or physical format.
  • Your design is unique and not copied wholly or substantially from another of your designs.
  • The design does not contain any elements from ANY stock image sites.
  • The design does NOT contain any logos or images from ANY existing company or brand.
  • The design will be uploaded in one colour way ONLY.
  • The design is not in any way offensive or defamatory.
  • The Creative Designer owns the rights to ANY photographic images used.
  • Any fonts used are ‘outlined’ and have the correct usage license or are ‘free for commercial use’.

What file formats and colour models do use?

We use .TIFF, .PDF and .PSD high resolution files for all designs depending on what license they are being sold under.

All our designs are clearly labelled with the type of file and colour model (RGB, CMYK or Greyscale). Please note that it is the buyer’s responsibility to check that the file type and colour model are correct for their requirements. accepts no liability for any printing issues or errors once the design has been bought.

How do I sell my designs on

We would love to help you sell your designs and hope to make the process an easy one.

Firstly you’ll need to submit a selection of your designs for us to see if you are suitable for As you will appreciate we want to be associated with original, exclusive and creative content so thats why we have an approval process. Once you have been accepted as a Creative Designer you can create your own Fashion Print Collection and profile and start to sell your designs. We are here to help you throughout and to promote your work once you are a registered user.

How do I promote my designs on

To get the most from self promotion is key.

The more you share your designs and collection page the more likely you are to generate sales. This in turn promotes the site and generates further interest.

For a seamless link between your own website and your collection page we offer code that you can simply copy and paste into your own web page source code to embed your design collection page where you want it. This allows you to show off your design collection in a window on your own website to make it easier for your website visitors to browse and purchase your designs. When a visitor clicks to view a design or make a purchase it will open out into the full web browser window to ensure an optimum buying experience.

Can I buy designs and use them on my clothing range?

In a word…. Yes! Thats exactly what you can do. As all designs are licensed for commercial use you can have peace of mind knowing that anything you buy is suitable for resale with no print quantity restrictions.

Can I buy designs exclusively?

Yes. We offer three simple licence agreements – Standard, Enhanced and Exclusive.

Every design available on our site has an Exclusive License meaning that whatever you choose you have the option to buy the design solely for your use. Our Exclusive licence agreement means that once a design is bought it is immediately removed from the site. As part of a Creative Designer’s fulfilment to we ask that any designs they upload are unique to us meaning anything you buy under our Exclusive licence will be just that… exclusive. See our Licensing Terms for further information.

Why do some designs not have an Exclusive License option?

Every design that is uploaded to has an Exclusive License. However, if the design is bought first using a Standard or Enhanced License then the Exclusive License option will be removed.

The reason for this being that the design would no longer be exclusive as it had already been bought and downloaded by another Creative Buyer.

Do the designs include VAT sales tax?

No. is not currently VAT registered.

How long does it take to receive my purchase?

Almost immediately. As soon as you have completed the checkout process and your payment has been confirmed you will receive an email with a link for you to download your design.

How long does it take to receive payment for a design I have sold?

We want you to receive your payments as quickly as possible once a design has sold. We will transfer payment to your Paypal account (minus our 40% fee) within 28 days.

Are designs sold direct from the designer or

When you buy a design at you are buying directly from the designer. Our marketplace model (think eBay, Etsy etc.) allows our Creative Designers to sell their work directly to Creative Buyers at a price set by them enabling a more varied pricing structure to benefit both them and our Creative Buyers.

Am I limited to how many units I can print per design?

No. All of our licenses allow for unlimited print runs.

What are Design Elements?

Design Elements are collections or individual images that can be used to create your own new designs using them as a starting point.

Can I use Design Elements to make my own new designs?

Yes. Design Elements are for just that! We want you to create new designs using Design Elements. We’d love to see your new creations and how they are being used so lets us know through our social media channels using the hashtag #fashionprintpassion

Can I buy a design or design elements and sell on another site?

No. ALL content bought from cannot be used for re-sale digitally. You cannot edit a design and then upload to resell on either or any other digital image site. Designs can be edited and reworked and then printed onto physical products. Please see our Standard License Terms for more information.

What if the design isn’t what I expected?

We hope that each design fulfils your requirements. If you have any queries before buying a design you can contact the designer directly to ask any creative or technical questions. If you have bought and downloaded a design and then don’t like it due to personal taste then unfortunately a refund would not be applicable.

What if there is an error or mistake in the design I have bought?

If there is a technical issue with the design after purchase please contact the designer directly. This is something we encourage and hope the interaction between buyer and designer helps to build a strong community.

Can I get a refund on a design I don’t like?

No. does not offer refunds once a design has been bought and downloaded. Please ensure that you are sure a design meets your technical and creative needs before committing to buy.

Can I contact the designer directly?

Yes, this is something we encourage you to do. We believe in transparency and openness so please feel to contact a designer and ask away!. On a Creative Designers profile page you will see a ‘Contact Designer’ form on the left hand side enabling you to ask any questions you may have regarding a particular print.